S2 Corporation Receives Contract from IARPA

S2 Corporation was recently awarded a contract from the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA). The contract work plan is entitled “Efficient High-bandwidth Photonic Computational Engine for Selection and Filtering”, and has a total contract ceiling of $996,495. The contract was awarded in response to IARPA-BAA-12-03 Safe and Secure Operations; IARPA-BAA-12-03-PR-4521. For the next year, S2 will advance and demonstrate the capabilities of an extremely powerful and efficient high bandwidth optical information processor, based on spatial-spectral (S2) holographic signal processing technology. The S2 processor has the potential to continuously monitor, characterize, select, and filter many (>100) parallel broadband optical information channels, each with up to 100 GHz of spectral coverage. The tasks chosen aim to highlight the S2 processor’s capabilities in the processing of optical information. The effort will analyze and demonstrate the feasibility of the S2 processor in scalable laboratory demonstration to enable processing of optical signals, such as those in the trunk of optical networks. The innovation builds on past existing R&D efforts at S2 Corporation in collaboration with our university academic partner Montana State University (MSU). A subcontract is being awarded to MSU Spectrum Lab and industry partner, EOSpace.