S2 Presents at NWRCS

S2's Kris Merkel recently presented at the National Wireless Research Collaborating Symposium, on the company's testing of their 10 GHz Instantaneous Bandwidth Spectrum Monitoring, which took place at Idaho National Labs. Markel explains: "S2 Corporation tested its wideband RF spectrum monitor at Idaho National Labs (INL) in December 2013. Rich RF spectrum data was collected over 0.5-10 GHz with 250,000,000 unique frequencies per second, with a resolution bandwidth below 0.1 MHz and full spectrum frame rate of at least 2,000 frames per second. Wireless signals at INL were controlled during captures, and concurrently an FCC Special Transmit Authority (STA) allowed transmission in frequency hopping signals across the 10 GHz bandwidth for calibration and added signal environment."